Ascendant libra compatibility

They have a tendency to be a bit shy and reserved until they become used to their surroundings and the people in them. These people are also typically very health-conscious, taking impeccable care of their well being, both inside and out. They tend to be picky eaters and sometimes even hypochondriacs.

A Look At Rising Signs

Libra rising people are likeable individuals who generally have very well polished manners and a diplomatic approach to those around them. They are attractive individuals who exude an aura of charm and appear to have easy-going, go-with-the-flown natures. They make powerfully intense impressions and seem to see right through you to your very core. Some people find this intimidating or off-putting while others find it refreshing. They can also possess a tendency toward paranoia, as they are very private individuals who worry constantly about having that privacy violated.

The world is one big adventure just waiting to be experienced when it comes to Sagittarius rising people. They come off as bold and optimistic — active and exciting. They do everything on a grand scale, making big promises and expounding upon grand themes. However, many Sagittarius rising people have trouble with follow-through. They love to share their opinions with others, but they sometimes lack tact in the way they do this.

Capricorn rising people exude a sense of seriousness, responsibility, and capability.

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They often have wonderfully senses of humor, but they tend to be dark or sarcastic in the way they express it. They are very image conscious, and they like to wear good quality clothes that project an image of success. They come across as being very hard-working, and as individuals who are very focused on security.

Aquarius rising people appear to be originals to the core. They often exude an aura of intelligence, know-how, and curiosity, and in fact they pride themselves on their well-exercised minds and innovative ideas. They are friendly, highly likeable people who sometimes have a tendency to say things just to see what people will do, as they have a high appreciation for shock value. They also tend to be quirky, original dressers. Pisces rising people have an artistic, creative, and peaceful aura about them.

They come across as gentle, open, and even highly spiritual at times. They are also very changeable individuals. They rely on intuition, instinct, and feeling to guide them through life, and sometimes they can seem a bit spacey. A Look At Rising Signs. Gemini Rising Gemini rising people see the world as one giant classroom, and this is a quality they wear right on their sleeve for all to see. Virgo Rising These are natural, understated, quietly charming folks that exude an aura of capability and intelligence.

The rising indicates how the world sees you, and rules your inner child and your emotions. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is an air sign with Venus as their astrological planet ruler. Those with an Ascendant in Libra have a need to keep all aspects of their lives in balance. They thrive when their work life is organized and not too little nor too much time is spent working.

Just as their employment is balanced, their home life needs to be balanced and structured as well. They are just and fair, never choosing one child over the other or spending more money on one family member and less on another. Also, Libra Ascendant people spend a lot of time obsessing about their family members and carry a deep, deep emotional attachment to each one. These people are the best secret keepers and like to keep their private lives extremely private.

Those who were born at a time when the Libra was rising in the eastern sky generally love to travel. You can find a person with Libra rising in a career of service.

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Often they will enter the fields of law enforcement, the legal community, the hospitality industry, or possibly the medical field. Your opinion is always welcomed, so please to leave a suggestion, comment, or share your own views in the comments section specified below. Thank you kindly for your time and reading my work.

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