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If you are raising the question in your mind, will I be able to travel abroad in ? If not, then when will I go? Well, for all of this your stars are responsible. The 12th house in your horoscope and its lord play an important role in making yoga of traveling abroad. To reduce your worries about whether the stars indicate foreign settlement or travel this year, there are predictions for each moon below.

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Will I ever go abroad on the based on my date of birth? Get satisfied answer from all these question from Astrologer Ram Acharya Panday. Traveling with your lover will improve relations, as per your horoscope. Work related travels to foreign lands seem likely in Travelling should be avoided between June and August, as things look unfavorable for your finances as well as your health prospects.

Trips taken after September will be profitable. You may travel with your partner in March and April. You may go on a pilgrimage with your parents around the month of August. Foreign travels are likely after August.

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Near the end of , you might make some beneficial trips. After March, pleasure trips to foreign lands with family are possible. Around May, you may accompany your children on a trip abroad for studies.

Jan. 31: Lunar Eclipse

Around August, you may go on a religious trip with your workers or employees. A possible rise in expenses can stress you out.

It is quite likely that you may have to make multiple trips for the same work. But she might ultimately be forced to say "Well, Dad. I don't agree with you," because Uranus will be opposite her Sun sign in Scorpio for the next seven years. Is it worth it? Or am I just gonna go along with it and keep my mouth shut? Everyone knows about Mercury retrograde, when the planet appears to be moving backward and everything in your life seems to get out of whack.

But other planets retrograde, too, including Mars, and this could have a huge effect on the U. Mars is the planet of action and war. And that's exactly what Trump needs to avoid during these two months, McBride says.

Where to travel in 12222? Zodiac signs speak

Basically, the astrologer warns the U. Because Mars is the planet of war and it's going backward or it appears to be , anyone who initiates a conflict is in for a rush of bad luck. In the middle of the Mars retrograde, there will be an eclipse in sidereal Capricorn, according to Nuckolls.

Nuckolls herself is specifically on the lookout for something regarding Bitcoin in late July, but she says "I know without a doubt that there are going to be some serious financial and banking things happening for us in the United States and probably across the world" when this eclipse hits. The last time an eclipse occurred in conjunction with a retrograde Mars in sidereal Capricorn was in , Nuckolls says, when President Richard Nixon abolished the gold standard.

As the end of the year nears, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, will go into retrograde. But remember that old saying, "men are from Mars, women are from Venus"? That just might hold true during the Venus retrograde. Nuckolls points to the Jupiter transit during this time and says that Venus will be entering sidereal Libra, meaning justice for women will continue to be a big theme, right during the November midterm elections.

That could be a big blow to Trump. He's been slowly losing support in legislative seats because of women standing up and speaking out. Recently, black women overwhelmingly voted for Democrat Doug Jones in a critical U. Senate race in Alabama. That turnout gave Jones the edge he needed to beat Republican Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual assault and improper relationships with teenage girls.

Friends love that you are flexible, adaptable, and quite spontaneous.

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Visit: You are not one to lie on a beach—you want to see and learn things. Plan a trip in spring or in summer near your birthday—perfect timing—but dress warm in the winter Burrrrr! With interiors by TAL Studio, rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows are bathed in gold and midcentury touches while roomy marble bathrooms are stocked with Natura Bisse toiletries. Sensitive, loving, warm, family-oriented, empathetic, financially savvy, intuitive, creative, you are also quite a romantic and wear your heart on your sleeve. Visit: To be truly happy, the little Crab needs to be near water.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls, is a perfect destination if you are dating or married, have children, or want to bring the entire family. Although the falls on the American side are lovely, the Canadian side, just a hop, skip, and a jump away, is even more dramatic. The negative ions of the water will have your spirits soaring in no time, and you might find that you start dreaming of the falls back at home. You are sophisticated, cultured, fun loving, and jovial, and part of your job, dear Leo, is to teach the rest of us about how to enjoy life.

Many Leos are highly creative and work in the arts, theater, and other forms of entertainment, especially those involving music. Visit: The ideal vacation for you has to be a large and sophisticated city.

What Happens When Your Town Dries Up?

Get tickets to the theater every night, for Leo rules the theatrical performance. If you go in summer, see the Yankees play ball while you munch on a hotdog and sip a beer or soda. Go shopping on Madison Avenue, but save time to shop the Lower East Side, for as a Leo, you admire uniqueness and artistic expression. Visit the rooftop bar for libations, and downstairs the Bamford Spa is for pampering. You read, debate, and pay attention to all the details. Your eagle eye misses nothing, the reason others call you discriminating, analytical, and literary. Visit: The ideal vacation spot for you would be to go to Sedona, Arizona, a spot that is out of the ordinary, to transport your mind away from the usual hustle-bustle of life.

You are a spiritual earth sign, so you are soothed in areas that bring you close to the beauty of nature—ideally a setting with rocks, trees, and earth. You will be transported through U. Go, and be transformed. A spa menu hosts Native American—inspired treatments alongside local wraps using prickly pear.

You are diplomatic, refined, elegant, pressed, and well-mannered, and you relish working in collaborations or partnerships. You are attracted to law, justice, and fairness. Libras make great museum curators, fashion and culture editors, and other taste arbiters—you love art in all of its forms.

Visit: Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a tiny city with a rich history and warm, pueblo-inspired architecture, with many rooms offering the kiva fireplaces. You would enjoy its many art galleries and charming streets, historic buildings, and churches. The Loretto Chapel, with the miraculous spiral staircase built after the architect died midway through the project, was a structure saved by an unassuming man dressed in shabby garbs.

Shop in the town square for art objects, paintings, and native jewelry featuring turquoise, silver, lapis, malachite, opal, coral, and black onyx. Where to Stay: In the heart of downtown Santa Fe, Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi 's 58 rooms come kitted with hand-crafted wooden beds, warm kiva fireplaces, Pendleton pillows, and local ledger prints. Cozy common spaces are dotted with beamed ceilings and dark wood-on-wood and Spanish-meets-Colonial-style furniture.

Drop by the buzzy lounge for a Silver Coin margarita and charred octopus served on potato polenta.

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You are deeply emotional in a private, penetrating way, thoughtful, reflective, and contained. You prize having control, and are attracted to gaining power and money—and are talented at getting all that you want to achieve. You are confident, taciturn, intense, mysterious, and sexy.