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Jup in Sixth House. Jup in Seventh House. Jup in Eighth House. Jup in Ninth House. Jup in Tenth House. Jup in Eleventh House. Jup in Twelvth House. Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter in Scorpio. Relationships entered into now are generally successful and happy — at least for the time being, they are mutually beneficial. Your ability to get along with others is enhanced as you are especially willing to compromise, and you are more appealing than usual.

This influence will stick with you until December You can negotiate more successfully, and, if applicable, win in legal matters. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled amicably as well. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor, or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way. If your career has you working with or before the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now, particularly if you do counseling or negotiating in your job.

Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, difficult relationships may be absolved, or successful new ones are entered into during this period. For many of you, you are attracting people who want to help, who are on your side, and who take a keen interest in you. Potential negatives: You may be attracting partners who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant or full of themselves.

For the most part, you are likely to enjoy an improved social life during this cycle. The focus should be on strengthening, building, and developing your connections. From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , your work, daily routines, and health endeavors begin to expand, improve, and grow. This is a time when your work projects or duties improve, or you have increased opportunities for employment. You can be so confident in your ability to take on projects and endeavors, however, that you overload your plate, so do watch for that.

However, this can be a rather magical time for your everyday life and health in many ways, and these areas of life have endured somewhat serious or difficult energy in recent years, so it can come as a nice relief. This influence is with you until December You are especially successful in hiring people to work for you, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. It can be easier than usual to find employment now.

You may get a new job during this cycle or significantly improve an existing one. Work tends to be very available to you. You can be very focused on what really matters to get ahead, and recognition for your efforts may be forthcoming. You are proud of how useful you are to others during this cycle.

Horoscopes for Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 2018 – December 12222)

Health is likely to prosper now, and medical procedures or programs, if necessary, are more likely to be successful. You are bringing fresh and original ideas to the work you do and the services you offer. Overload or the magnification of problems surrounding work can be experienced during this cycle. There is a tendency now to focus on the details of your work, and you might sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with monotonous tasks.

Your work might involve more services or the assisting of others during this cycle, and for some, health-related or healing professions can be attractive at this time. Challenges may occur sporadically from December when there can be conflicts between pulls towards work and pulls towards a partnership, or you may suffer the consequences of taking on so much that you have trouble taking time for yourself.

However, for the most part, this is a good time for appreciating what you do, for developing your skills, for finding work, and for working relationships. From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , your creative, playful, and romantic side expands and grows. This is a powerful time for self-expression, new forms of entertainment, and romantic explorations. Because there has been rather serious or even tough energy in these areas of life in recent years, this new cycle with you until December can come as a breath of fresh air.

You need to have some fun with this! Your focus turns to having a good time, enjoying life, and expressing yourself in freeing, rewarding ways. Your romantic and creative worlds begin to expand and grow. You are learning to express yourself playfully and creatively without apology, and you are more willing to take some personal risks in order to do so. Romantic opportunities tend to abound during this cycle; or chances to kick back and have fun, express yourself in unique ways, and pursue hobbies and entertainment are abundant.

Creatively speaking, you can be filled with ideas and plans for realizing a dream. This can be a fertile time on many levels, physically and emotionally. This position is associated with casual dating and exploring romantic possibilities. Potential negatives: Excessive emphasis on, or attention to, having fun to the detriment of other life departments. You may especially need to come to a balance between attention to work and health routines and attention to romantic and creative needs, as both are strong pulls, particularly in December.

However, for the most part, you are likely to feel supported and confident during this approximately year-long cycle. A lover, child, or friend can open your mind or heart to new experiences. Creatively speaking, you can be well-received and your audience is likely to expand. From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , you benefit from a transit that increases your confidence in your family, living arrangements, and living conditions.

While this is a domestic transit, relationships with anyone you feel especially connected with on an emotional plane can benefit. You are comfortable with yourself or your current position, and you may be building loving and secure connections with others, laying down roots, or getting even more comfortable. There can be special attention to the comfort and beauty of your home or a stronger desire to connect with your roots. You might also enjoy an improved ability to bounce back from problems, perhaps due to extra support. Your inner world, family life, domestic activities, and domestic arrangements expand and grow.

This comes at a great time since these areas of life may have been a little strained or perhaps a little serious in recent years. Relations with family can be especially pleasant and supportive during this cycle that lasts until December You might move to a new home, likely a bigger one, or expand real estate holdings. Some of you can get a mortgage or support that allows you to expand your home base. Family itself can expand, or there might be an addition to your home. Some might take on a roommate for example, or bring more friends to their home.

Others might pool resources with a partner and move in together. Entertaining in the home can be emphasized if that is something that makes you happy. Otherwise, you can experience a stronger sense of peace and privacy in your home life.

Generally speaking, more positive energy is brought to your domestic world, and long-standing problems with family might be put to bed. Do be careful about overextending yourself with home improvements, or larger accommodations that are beyond your means. Your personal life tends to overshadow your professional life or material activities during this cycle. Relationships with family can improve significantly now, although pre-existing problems might be magnified initially just to get everything out in the open.

This can be a good time to set up a home business or for home studies. On a more psychological level, confidence in yourself and feelings of security increase during this period. Potential problems: Excessive money spent on home improvement, too much emphasis on the home to the point that other areas of your life suffer, or some unwillingness to expand your horizons. Avoiding or escaping responsibilities may be a problem from time to time. You may be wanting to please too many people, and overdoing things leaves you exhausted, as it seems there is never enough time and energy to meet all your needs.

For the most part, however, you are likely to feel emotionally secure and supported during this cycle. This is a time of nest-feathering. There can be more power and resources available to you to establish yourself, especially through a home or property, but also for long-term business endeavors.

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From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , you are ready to take on big projects. Your confidence in the future is very strong during this cycle that will be with you until December During this transit, your communications increase and expand. Your ability or desire to express yourself is greater now, and your personal interests grow. Good fortune with vehicles, transportation, through siblings, and with the communications industry can be experienced during this cycle.

You are more perceptive, and others are more receptive to your ideas. New opportunities to communicate can open up to you. This can be a busy period for learning and can also be a time of setting up a more connected home environment. Potential negatives: Taking on too many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies can be a problem now. Attention to family and around the home can be strong at times this year and can prevent you from getting everything done.

There can be a real tendency to want to do it all, forgetting your limits regarding time and energy. Taking on too many projects or becoming too entrenched in details can cause problems. However, for the most part, you are likely to enjoy more opportunities through your communications and contact with others during this cycle in Your thinking is more upbeat, positive, and forward-looking, and so is the way you express yourself. In fact, this is an excellent time for improving your communication skills and your general attitude or mindset.

There can be important opportunities through meetings, courses, teaching, and connections made in the neighborhood or through siblings. Some problems with siblings or neighbors could be put to rest now, although they might be magnified initially in order for problem areas to come out into the open and finally be resolved.

You may be doing a lot of little jobs and your attention can spread over many tasks during this period. You are more sociable, courteous, and reasonable in your communications, attracting opportunities to you. You may take on the role of a teacher, guide, or instructor during this cycle. You could find that transportation and communication options open up that make life a little or a lot more enjoyable during this pleasant period that spans thirteen months.

From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , money, personal possessions, and self-worth expand, increase, improve, and grow. You feel that you deserve more! This is a strong time for buying long-term valuables. You are likely to make bigger decisions about your material resources during this period. This cycle that will be in influence until December is strong for attracting more money from your professional endeavors and for expanding a business.

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius: A Time to Discover a Deeper Truth | ovekibeh.tk

You might also more easily attract support from others, but be careful if you are suddenly in the position to receive, for example, a credit line or sizeable loan — spend wisely. You should certainly watch for overspending and excessiveness. Potential difficulties: Be on the alert for an attitude towards money that is careless. If you are accumulating personal possessions too quickly, this can lead to clutter and disorganization.

Watch for over-indulgence. Be extra careful if lending or borrowing. Otherwise, this is a good period for bringing a fresh, positive, and confident attitude towards your own self-worth and value, your earning ability, and your practical affairs, including work. There may be a significant bonus, gain, or win for some, or simply decreased financial stress.

From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , Jupiter is in your sign! This approximately one-year transit comes only every twelve years and serves to bring you out of your shell. This is a time for exploring your needs and pursuing your dreams. Your personality, image, body image, and confidence in yourself expand to new levels with Jupiter in your sign until December You are seeing whole new possibilities, and your vision of life is panoramic.

Your confidence in yourself and faith in the world are growing exponentially. You are more willing to enjoy new experiences and to rid yourself of those things that have been holding you back from truly living and owning your life. There can be new projects begun now that have fabulous long-term potential. Expanding your horizons through higher learning or travel might also figure strongly. This is a time for aligning your behavior with what you believe is right.

You are seeking out a new beginning — a fresh start, of sorts — and your desire to do right is especially strong. Work or projects that you have been working on in private or behind the scenes may now begin to pay off. There is less focus on serving and helping others now, perhaps because this is no longer as necessary for example, a child can go off to college, or even the end of a problematic relationship that took up a lot of your energy and resources, from which you are now enjoying some level of freedom , and now you can put some of your personal interests on the front burner.

You are hungry for new experiences. Everyday stresses that may have frustrated you in the past now seem almost inconsequential, as your vision is lifted above the mundane. As such, your ability to manage stress and pressure increases. Potential negatives : Weight gain, pompous behavior, restlessness, over-confidence, wastefulness, and excesses in general.

There might also be times, especially in late November , when your personal desires seem to conflict with earning or improving your income, or when you have troubles with self-discipline, budgets, and limits. Otherwise, this can be a time of opportunity. You might choose to pursue a new channel for self-expression or mental interest with great passion.

There can be a strong sense of release and freedom from previously limiting, rigid, or stifling conditions. You feel more natural and confident — in your own terms. From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , your spiritual world, compassion, private life, and tolerance expand and grow.

Matters of the past are magnified in your life now. You tend to sort through the attitudes that serve you well, and the behaviors that need to go in order for you to grow and improve during this cycle that runs until December This is generally a warm, protective cycle, although with Jupiter in the background in your chart, there may be some sense that you are not truly living or experiencing your life to the fullest, or that your joy in life is not as obvious to others.

You may be exploring counseling, spiritual, or psychic talents. There may be some sacrifices involved in your personal relationships. You may also be especially compassionate and empathetic. This can be a good period for volunteer work, or for work done behind the scenes, in private, or in the helping professions. Potential challenges: Escapism. However, it acts to magnify the area of the chart that it affects, and at times it can be uncomfortable if you are having difficulties in this area, at least initially.

In your case, if you are lonely or if you feel helpless, and if you have troubles facing your past, then this influence can heighten these issues. The cosmos asks you now to surrender some of your attachments and to surrender to the unknown. Releasing control is necessary. Building your faith is the work you are doing now. While your tendency is to play a supportive role to others at this time, if taken too far, you will need to draw some boundaries when it comes to your energy and time. There is stronger joy in being of service to others, but do be careful that you take care of yourself as well.

However, for the most part, you are likely to feel emotionally secure and supported during this cycle. Your perceptions heighten. Your ability to make sacrifices for others or for pursuits that you believe in increases and you build confidence in yourself as you help and support others. From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , your connections to others, group associations, and friendships expand and grow. This influence will be with you until December This is a time for feeling considerably more confident about the future, and about your ability to set plans in motion that will allow you to accomplish some of your most cherished hopes and dreams.

You are planting seeds, so to speak, aiming to get started on projects that will reap rewards in the future. While this can be exciting, try not to take on more than you can handle.

Your vision is quite optimistic, and there can be times when you might over-estimate what you are capable of doing down the road! However, one or two projects can be inspiring and also quite innovative. Others can point you in new directions. There can be a cause that you work towards enthusiastically. A new communications project can excite you and bring you into contact with interesting, helpful people.

New people may come into your life and seek out your friendship, or existing friendships may be refreshed or enhanced. Opportunities to advance or for new learning experiences can come through associates, friendships, and networking. Potential negatives: Over-emphasis on activities that take you away from your practical responsibilities, too often. However, for the most part, you are likely to take advantage of this period in your life in order to expand your social life and friends base and to dream up exciting new paths for the future.

From November 8th, , to December 2nd, , Jupiter has climbed to the top of your solar chart. Your ambitions, career, business goals, and reputation grow and develop. Your talents and skills are recognized now like never before at least not in twelve years. You are in the limelight in some way during this cycle. Watch also for gossip or mishandling of information.

Be wary of situations that could get blown out of proportion or misunderstood. This can be a time of significant progress in the outer world, a fortunate change in status, and increased recognition. Jupiter is in its own sign during this transit, which means it performs very well here.

Your hard work and effort can be recognized now. You could find yourself in a position that truly suits you. You take great pride in the work you do. For some of you, more prestige or a higher social standing may be part of the picture now. You can be quite charismatic in a position of authority or responsibility. Advancement in achieving an important goal can occur now. Your reputation may be enhanced in some significant way. You have more faith in your goals and aspirations during this period of your life.

This is a time when believing in yourself, your competency, and your ability to take the lead opens up opportunities for you. For the most part, you are likely to take advantage of this period in your life in order to expand your reach. Your worldly or public status may change for the better. There could be a promotion, new job opportunities, a diploma, an important award, or marriage — something official. This can be a time for coming into the limelight in a significant way.

Authority figures or other influential people tend to look upon you favorably, see more potential in you, and readily help you along, so work it! Something might happen now, or circumstances are such, that your career or professional interests in general expands, and you find more joy and pleasure from your work. You could enjoy more freedom, or possibly even responsibilities, in your career.

Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now. The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the rewards—this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 23rd, and stays in this mutable fire sign until December 18th, See how this transit affects each zodiac sign below.

Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we attract the most good fortune when we are open-handed and generous, tolerant, inspirational, and practice what we preach. We may find success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures. Its zeal and enthusiasm is well-intentioned, but it can blind us to our immoderate behavior.

In Sagittarius, we can be reckless, overconfident, self-righteous, and blind to practicalities. With Jupiter, ideally, we are able to rise above pettiness, mundane concerns, inconveniences, and the like. Jupiter entering Sagittarius is particularly beneficial for you, as Jupiter is now in trine to your Sun and in your solar ninth house. From now until December , you may have opportunities to travel, study, go abroad, expand your horizons, and meet people who are of diverse backgrounds. Some of the positive potentials of this transit include: You tend to become more intellectually curious, academic matters go well, success with business dealings is likely, legal proceedings may turn out in your favor, and legal advice can be very helpful at this time.

Authors are able to publish their works, expand their audience, and receive favorable feedback for their work. Educational and travel opportunities expand your horizons. Teaching or learning is favored, and writing flows easily. This is also an excellent period for positive dealings with in-laws! Your mind is more expansive and tolerant, and you are under less stress than usual.

You are less inclined to sweat the small stuff. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Jupiter entering Fire sign Sagittarius places Jupiter in your intimacy sector. From now and until December , you may see benefits in the areas of joint finances, shared resources, loans, taxes, sexuality, intimacy, healing, personal transformation, research, investigation, and psychological matters.

This is a time of increased psychological understanding, intimacy, and perhaps accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well. You are more capable of helping friends and loved ones who are dealing with a crisis—you can be leaned upon. Any type of in-depth study or research is likely to go well. An insurance settlement, tax rebate, or an inheritance could come your way, and this is an excellent time to work on financial planning and strategy. Benefit can come through jointly held resources, loans, or taxes.

Jupiter entering Sagittarius strongly affects you, as Jupiter is now in opposition to your Sun and in your solar seventh house, your partnership sector. From now until December , you may enjoy benefits through marriage, common-law partnerships, business partnerships, negotiations, and contractual agreements. This is a year when you are more likely to establish or solidify a significant partnership. You can negotiate more successfully than ever, and, if applicable, win in legal matters. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled.

If your work takes you before the public, you can safely expect popularity. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, or successful new ones are entered into this year. Jupiter entering Fire sign Sagittarius places Jupiter in your work and health sector. From now and until December , you are likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. This transit enhances your ability to handle the details required to do a good job, and others become more aware of your skills.

Benefits may come through co-workers or employees during this cycle. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well. You are more successful in hiring people to work for you, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. You find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now.